2016 AGPT Stage 3 Training Provider Selection Placement Offer - 6th August 2015
Training Region Placement Offer Process and Training Sub Region Placement Process
2016 AGPT Training Places - GP Term Eligibility - 5th August 2015
GP Term Eligibility -
Website: List of Training Practices in Valley to Coast region
OTDnet Program Advice of Funding Withdrawal - 19th May 2015
The Minister for Health has decided to cease further enrolments onto the OTDnet Programme, administered by Regional Training Providers, effective immediately. (19th May 2015) All current participants on the OTDnet programme will continue to be supported until the end of their learning plans.
GP Training Collaboration Annoucement - 5th May 2015
Rural and metropolitan training providers collaborate in a bid to provide GP training in North Eastern NSW.
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Have you had your TA meeting this term ? - 18th July 2012
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